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Our Partners (Non affiliated) Consulting Firms

As a global advisory firm we realize the importance of having intellectual capital that brings value in terms of the depth of business and IT skills .  Our partners include:

A software development and IT consulting firm focused on high value added services in project management, IT architecture, business analysis, process analysis, and data management. We balance risk, quality and cost through the deployment of resources that combine vertical industry knowledge, industrial strength quality processes, and proven technology expertise, allowing you to benefit from business driven solutions.

Specializes in performance and productivity improvement solutions for multinational companies with operations in Latin America, who want to successfully tap on their multinational corporate culture.  We rely on our   extensive experience with distinguished multinational corporations and our   multicultural and bilingual managerial background to understand and smoothly merge cultural differences to create a productive environment at all levels.

30 años de experiencia en América Latino y Europa, al desarrollo de las capacidades de los equipo ejecutivos.  Nosotros partimos de modelos de gestión que han demostrado éxito en un sinnúmero de organizaciones, nos apoyamos a partir de diagnósticos individuales y grupales, generadores de conciencia y orgullo por la intencionalidad, sobre la intuición, promovemos la singularidad y potencia de culturas exitosas.

Echelon One is an information security research and consulting company that specializes in helping executives develop comprehensive and lasting information security programs.  Echelon One is comprised of a group of the most respected thought leaders in the information security community.

iPatagonic is an Argentinean business and technology consulting firm with focus on using the technology to efficiently solve business problems. We have a significant experience in both, local and multinational projects. Our goal is to understand your problems and requirements and provide you with practical solutions. We have been on the customer side so we understand the reality and constrains that you may face.


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