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National Academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine

On June 2018 CIO Eureka met a distinguished audience in Washington DC.   I had the outstanding privilege of meeting members of the USAF, AFRL, ASEB and National Academy of Science, Engineering and Medicine.   Our collective task was very straightforward: to listen and to exchange cutting-edge science, technology and best practices from Industry and International Organizations.

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The CIO Eureka Cloud Value Proposition – Playbook©

In the age of the customer, cloud is no longer an option… it’s uncomfortable & inevitable!.

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(HIC) Hispanic Innovation Center – Chicago

HIC is the premier Hispanic Innovation Center to create a positive impact on Chicagoland economy. We provide Hispanic entrepreneurs with the opportunity to: connect, network and transform their businesses with help of the local digital community. HIC advocates for bridging understanding, building international relationships and sparking constructive dialogue.

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‘Las 4 Efes’ del éxito empresarial.   Revista Nivel Uno, por Magali Téllez – #21 año 1 – (Jul ’16)

Los empresarios poseen ventajas competitivas, facultades que los emprendedores no aprovechan al máximo para posicionar a sus empresas en el mercado global….

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Siete secretos para que tu empresa triunfe en el mundo de los negocios. (Ago ’15)

Conferencia magistral impartida en el auditorio de la CANACO SERVITUR Xalapa, Veracruz en colaboración con el Club Rotario Internacional.

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American Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Panama (AmCham) (Feb ’15)

More than half of all the capital expenses incurred by businesses worldwide go to IT. However, most of the senior executives and boards remain skeptical as to whether their IT investments are paying off (Hunter.R. & Westerman.G. (2009) The real business of IT, Harvard Business Press)

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4-setp Assessment Program for the Software Industry© (Feb ’15)

Our professional contract services and proven business methodology will accelerate, amplify and extend the suite of services ProMexico currently offers to many business sectors and will fine tune these services to have the time sensitive impact necessary to win important time-to-market requirements specific to the needs of emerging IT businesses in Mexico and the US…

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Our Core Competencies (Dec ’14)

It’s not uncommon for a seasoned IT leader or manager to find themselves in a business situation where all the options are unclear, where there are conflicting priorities, predicaments and where making a choice comes with a sheer sense of uncertainty. Someone who will listen objectively and alleviate some of that complexity may not always be found internally. Our Core Competencies can lend a helpful ear....

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“Information Security (InfoSec) our strategic alliance with ProGloBix LLC.” March 2014

Today’s companies face many Information security (InfoSec) challenges. Our clients also value CIO Eureka recognized strengths in strategy, organization, and operations, as well as the broad strategic lens we apply to InfoSec creating competitive advantage and optimizing business performance.

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“CIO Eureka papers published on ProMexico Magazine (International Business)

Mexico has set out to transform the country based on five major goals: to have a peaceful, inclusive,well-educated, prosperous and globally responsible society.  Mexico’s exceptional economic and geographic conditions, as well as the talent and quality of its human capital, make it the ideal destination for new productive capital to flourish.

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 Link  to March 2014 – The challenges for Business Executives (on the acrobat file: See Page #48 or Find Search for “Jose Ignacio“),

 Link  to August 2014 – The value of Information Technology (on the acrobat file: See Page #41 or Find Search for “Jose Ignacio“).

“ProMexico. The future of productivity and growth for Mexican IT corporations”, (Dec’13)

Presentation given at ProMexico (Mexico’s Ministry of Economy – Trade Investment) on Dec 10 2013.

Perhaps the most important thing a company needs to do is to “sharpen the saw” and define what is its uniquely distinctive and relevant business value proposition.   Learn more about this dynamic workshop.

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 Link to the excerpt and José Ignacio’s bio (In Spanish)

“Cultural Differences” presentation delivered at the UC&CS Associate’s Conference (Sep ’13)

Presentation on J.I.Sordo’s cultural survival kit – the eight steps.  To focus on one of the most important and difficult elements of dialogue, to explore how tacit frameworks shape perceptions and judgments.

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Chicago’s blog from July 2013

The Uncomfortable CEO: Making Information Technology Overcome Business Uncertainty is a handbook for CEOs and other senior executives that both lays out the argument for leveraging IT’s key role (overcoming business uncertainty) and provides guidance for doing so successfully.

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The Uncomfortable CEO (Jul ’13)

José Ignacio Sordo Galarza shares his international experience and provocative ideas written in his book “The Uncomfortable CEO”.  The strongest CEOs approach work in a very consistent fashion:  They are uncomfortable!

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Enterprise IT Maturity Framework© (Jun ’13)

Today’s fiercely competitive global economy raises the stakes in virtually every industry. To succeed, companies must cut fat and become lean, move faster, and grow more efficient. They must reinforce their core capabilities…

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Leading Change (Nov ’12)

The managing of resistance to change, especially during periods of decline or retrenchment in organizations, is a difficult challenge for management…

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Important questions CEOs and CFOs should ask their CIOs (Jun ’12) [Password protected]

We’ve had numerous CFOs tell us they’ve used the questions to initiate a strategic dialogue with their CIO…

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CIO: Shifting your IT organization from an expense center to a value-centered model (Aug ’12)

The marketplace needs a new model that manages IT as a strategic asset, a resource whose strategic value to the organization is greater than the cost of acquisition or development…

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A culture of IT innovation – from innovation thru value realization (Jun ’12)

“Today, innovation is almost always supported -if not driven- by IT.”  Todd Park, CTO of the United States of America

Learn more about our proven innovation framework and its scorecard success criteria.   Instead of testing new business ideas at random, you will know how to follow a disciplined framework to enable innovative ideas to build your own business…

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Brochure (Dec ’14)

You turn to CIO Eureka! when you have critical needs to find “business relevance” in IT because we take genuine ownership of IT problems & deliver robust solutions, providing you with...

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1-pager (Dec ’14)

We provide you with seasoned and hands-on CIO expertise designing and executing the most effective IT strategy...

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The 5E leadership lessons (Jun ’12)

Thoughts on Leadership and how “to earn a seat at the table”…

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The Small ideas Syndrome presentation (Oct ’12)

Small ideas equal big problems in Business.    What are the key role leaders should play to eliminate this malicious syndrome?…

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10 lecciones de sobrevivencia como un CIO en el mundo “VICA” de las empresas. (Mar ’15)

Presentación realizada ante la Asociación Mexicana de Informática AC (AMIAC) en la Cd. Univerrsitaria, México D.F. el dia 5 de marzo de 2015.

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