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Today’s companies face many Information Technology challenges.   Our clients are senior business and IT executives who value CIO Eureka’s bias-free, independent, and impact-oriented approach. Because we have no financial interest in downstream IT implementation or outsourcing services, we act as an objective IT executive assessor.   Our clients also value CIO Eureka recognized strengths in strategy, organization, and operations, as well as the broad strategic lens we apply to IT creating competitive advantage and optimizing business performance.

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 Business oriented:

Executive Business Advisory Services

        () Strategic Consulting©

  • Our consulting method is built upon listening objectively and getting an understanding of your organization inside and out to understand where help is needed. Leveraging our extensive network of C-level leaders in order to gain unbiased insight and research, we will help you build a game plan in a time of need and find the person, process or solution to your problem 

       () Executive Coaching©

  • We use our experience garnered from working closely with IT leaders throughout our professional career as well as our pulse on the IT marketplace through our interviews with senior IT professionals and executives, experience that has provided an understanding about how a leader should be managing his or her life and profession. Unlike regular coaches who may lack an understanding of IT, IT and Business alignment and the IT leader psyche, we aim not to please but to be a candid, trusting figure capable of inspiring you to rethink how you traverse your job’s journey.

 3rd flow – data optimization

  • Your business information—as the most strategic asset—should allow you to: (1) Find operational efficiencies, (2) Identify new market opportunities, and (3) Continuous Improvement.  In our practice, we meet these objectives by implementing a Data Governance model with documented business processes, work flow, and clearly defined roles and responsibilities for decision makers.

Work process optimization

  • We have helped firms drive their business performance with the implementation of technologies that enable process innovation. While workflow-driven tools have been talked about since the ‘90s, only in the last few years has the technology provided the flexibility to break down organizational boundaries and make it easier for businesses to improve their operations in ways that better align business and IT.

 Information Technology oriented:

Enterprise IT Maturity Framework©  (EIMF)

  • CIO Eureka’s framework (EIMF). Maturity & development plans tailored to the full scope of IT’s activities—both strategically and from a business-value-added perspective—and help clients optimize their IT function:  organizational design, resource planning, deployment and assessment.  We have partnered with worldwide service IT agencies, such as SFIA (Skills Framework for the Information Age) to integrate best-practices into our 5-IT stages proprietary service. 
  • EIMF aims to optimize your IT organization by guiding the CIOs on tasks such as designing a plan where the right skilled people are in the right place at the right time.

Enterprise IT Performance and Full Potential

  • Lean in Services. Our approach ensures success by integrating four critical areas: business strategy, operational effectiveness, staff engagement, and performance management.  CIO Eureka views attaining leanness as a way to deeply transform business competitiveness.
  • Outsourcing and Business-Process Offshoring. Our approach helps companies achieve a competitive advantage through the prudent use of outsourcing, which can improve quality and productivity, power innovation, provide new sources of revenue, make agreements with, and manage outsourcing and offshore units more effectively.

Enterprise InfoSec Services

  • CIO Eureka manages risk and continuity of business by giving value to all data within the enterprise, regardless of location, type or source. We create a strategy for ongoing understanding of the level of effort required to meet the changing regulatory landscape, even for unregulated entities. We generate clear maps of duties and responsibilities, ensuring insiders are integral to the overall security of the organization.

Enterprise IT Operations

  • Service Operations.  We help companies pinpoint which customer encounters really drive behaviors such as attrition, advocacy, or greater spending, and then focus improvement efforts on these critical points.

Enterprise IT Innovation

  • Funnel for IT innovation.  An easy to use engagement innovation model using three elements to preselect ideas: Fit – Affordability – Feasibility.

Enterprise IT Assessment

  • Cost Efficiency and Asset Optimization. Our approach is to find and implement opportunities to improve cash flow. We help companies release cash from the balance sheet, cut costs from operations, and improve asset effectiveness.
  • Business alignment is required in companies across all industries, but is critical in those where IT plays a central role in business operations.  CIO Eureka helps clients ensure that business strategy and business initiatives are driving the direction and priorities for IT investments. IT capabilities must enable innovative business strategies and capabilities.

Enterprise IT Project Management

  • A cyclic five-step engagement process. To assess, plan and execute information technology solutions that deliver business value in uncertain times.   This process describes how to get the return our clients expect from the IT investments and how to fix overly complex processes and systems nearly always requires a big-picture approach.
  • PMO assessment.  Our proprietary approach ensures that change efforts deliver the intended results and that new capabilities, such as systems integrators, are embedded in the organization.

Enterprise IT Strategy

  • IT Identity Model. Our approach is to how to transform IT value propositions, organizations, operations, and financial results.


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