is Latin America’s second largest enterprise by annual revenue.  Pemex was created by the Mexican government more than 70 years ago, and it is now facing significant challenges due to the energy reform bill proposed by Mexico’s President, Mr. Peña Nieto.  Among the challenges that PEMEX will be facing is one of critical and profound relevance:  The challenge is to move toward a “true” business and technology convergence – the sweet spot where IT and business units are strategically intertwined so that they operate almost interchangeably – to consolidate IT as a solid and dynamic partner with the oil business.

In that context, one critical building block is the development of PEMEX IT talent and the transformation of the IT business model in order to achieve a real benefit through optimization and upgrading the organization.  José Ignacio Sordo and his Consulting firm CIO Eureka LLC, based in Chicago, IL, USA have played a pivotal role in helping us identify where our IT top talent stands based on the IT Resilient Leadership Model®.   Mr. Sordo and his team have also built a plan to identify the opportunities and challenges for our IT leaders to excel in the following critical aspects:

  1. Setting a winning direction. Success is contagious.
  2. Coping with stress and adversity.
  3. Taking risks with confidence in achieving the best results.
  4. Listening and communicating with transparency.
  5. Translating internal collaboration and external competition into actions.
  6. Never settling for less than the best of the vision.
  7. Understanding that their role is not about doing one specific task very well, but rather about having flexibility and diversity of thought.
  8. Demonstrating sustained competence exhibited by individuals who experience challenging conditions.

The future of Mexico will be determined by the ability of PEMEX’s people to turn visions of a grand redesign of the energy sector into implementable policies.  To be sure, this is a paramount trek and only time will tell how well we perform.  However, change is already under way, with the critical initial steps being Top IT talent identification and framing an IT executive training plan.

We are confident that PEMEX IT Resilient Leaders will build the right IT organization to make the transformation happen!

 César Conchello Brito – August 2014

Deputy Director of Planning and Business Intelligence at PEMEX

Mexico City

“I had the benefit of working with José I. Sordo on numerous projects over ten years in Latin America and the US. His strategic understanding of the CPG business and particularly shopper needs made him a very valuable information technology partner.”

CPG Industry Managing Director

“I have worked with José I. Sordo for 15 years. He is an outstanding thought leader with an unparalleled determination to getting things done. José I. Sordo brings tremendous experience at the intersection of business and technology. He is driven; action oriented and manages well in an ambiguous and changing environment. José I. Sordo would be a great asset for any organization looking for a strong commercial / technology leader.”

CPG IT Executive

“J.A.Sanchez worked for me when I was the CIO of the Finance State Ministry in Mexico.   His leadership skills were a terrific asset in terms of evolving IT & information security challenges into a competitive advantage and his closeness to organization and its people.   He gives the best every day and enjoys building the organizational talent thru hands-on teaching at work.”

Latin American Finance State Ministry CIO

“I have worked with José I. Sordo for the last 18 years. He has always been a very strong, committed, and passionate leader. He is strategic and has the ability to turn technology innovation into top and bottom line growth. In his latest Shopper Marketing Director role, he demonstrated entrepreneurial leadership, translating corporate strategies into practical IT business solutions. This helped Customer sales teams understand shopper habits and how to sell more business as a result. José I. Sordo is a special IT leader who truly understands our customers, consumers, and our associates.”

Worldwide Commercial Executive


“I have known Jesús Sánchez for over 25 years and he has consistently exhibits leadership presence that instills confidence. He is trustworthy and credible. Jesús is among the few IT colleagues I have ever met who learns extremely quickly and visualize the most complex challenges such as “parallel computing”, “modeling and business process reengineering” in the financial world. I always enjoyed working with him as he brings out the best in his team, partners and key stakeholders. He works through others and inspires them to be the best they can be; elevates morale through words and actions. Jesús is a driven leader with a can-do-attitude with intense desire to be better or be more effective every day, in spite of the challenges he has faced both at the academic level (ITESM, ENST) but also at Consar for the past 6 years. Definitely, I’d highly recommend Jesús for a CIO role in any medium to large corporation. He has an extraordinary capacity to take stretching, informed risks to deliver breakthrough results sooner rather than later.”

Latin American CPG Industry CIO

“Jesús Sánchez is a knowledgeable leader who constantly stays on the leading edge about applying technology to meet the needs of the organization.    His expertise on multiple fields from infrastructure, to security, risk management and applications development are key for his professional career.   However, he is not only a knowledge expert, he is also a valuable teamplayer who consistently seeks for the best possible outcome.    He role models the type of IT expertise needed in the 21st century!”

Latin American State Ministry CIO

“I had the privilege to work with José I. Sordo in Latin America and the U.S. He is an impact team member, always looking for real time solutions to big business issues.  Simple elegant solutions is one of Jose’s trademarks, and he can teach others as well. I strongly recommend him.”

IT Strategist & Planner Executive

“J.A.Sánchez is a business leader who encourages collaboration, knowledge-sharing by personal example.  He challenges his employee´s potential and recognizes ingenuity. Furthermore, he is a very accomplished professional in the IT industry and always keeps abreast of industry changes.”

Latin American Banking Industry Security Officer

“José I. Sordo is a business-focused, results-oriented information systems professional. He is a senior business manager, who excels not only in delivering a strong information systems program, but he drives the business forward. I personally would go out of my way to work with José I. Sordo. He is a super team player!”

Greater China Retailer Executive



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