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More than half of all the capital  spending by businesses worldwide goes to IT.  However, most of the senior executives remain skeptical whether their IT investments are paying off.

Many companies can’t get a true grasp on the business value IT adds to the enterprise it serves.  Defining, measuring and maximizing that value remain elusive.  CIO Eureka! helps IT organizations to broaden their relevance of action beyond the technical boundaries and into the business area.

As the constant challenge for IT talent heats up, many senior executives are facing organizational issues that threaten their competitive advantage.  They are increasingly looking to professionalize their IT talent management. In this environment, bold IT leadership and risk-taking are crucial.  Successful IT organizations must deliver business relevance.   Our 5-step engagement process includes:

  1. Assess– Finding the business relevance in IT.  [Assessments and insights about IT performance and capabilities (people, process, technology, and business value).]
  2. Envision- Providing growth scenarios and success measures.  [Inside the job of the CIO. Work on the variability of growth scenarios, advice leading enterprise planning and apply business metrics to value portfolio.]
  3. Plan– Building a plan for quick scale and impact.  [Quickly identify and use business differentiators to drive rapid application strategy and road-map development.]
  4. Enroll– Ensuring energy and focus to keep the IT portfolio in line.  [Rigor & Focus.  Deep assessment of full IT landscape, address issues with your PMO, refocus your roadmap and provide coaching to Business and IT leaders.]
  5. Execute– Tracking the vision to ensure that success criteria are met and/or exceeded.  [Our framework proves adoption and reduces risks, accelerating go to market, while optimizing scalable IT operations.]

Our ‘immediate results’ commitment to our clients brings a step change improvement in efficiency and, more importantly, incremental value (i.e. revenue growth, operating margin, asset efficiency and IT risk management) at exceptional rates.

Let us help you find the business relevance of IT in your organization:






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