The 3rd flow

As the 21st century unfolds, Corporations have tended to work hard on managing two critical flows:  (1) Products & Services and (2) Revenue across the value chain.  They constantly reinvent how to manage the flow of products & services, and money across the value chain.   However it is only possible to win in the marketplace by excelling with a 3rd flow mandate: Shared Information.


Learning what is relevant to the customers is extremely important.  However the real success is the ability to jointly create, capture and commercialize value with the customers.   This can only be achieved if business information is shared effectively and consistently between the trading partners.

CIO Eureka! provides a strategic direction to ensure that IT solutions are effectively utilized to deliver the following 3rd flow capabilities:

  1. Create cost-effective, real-time information systems that support the go-to-market activities internally, and also support the links with the customers.
  2. Streamline the way business data is accessed, shared, and analyzed.
  3. Uncover joint value between your business and your customer’s supply and demand activities, so that IT may become a catalyst for change by expanding the trading partnerships.

CIO Eureka! has demonstrated that IT can create genuine competitive advantage by unleashing new capabilities, propelling business processes, and integrating work – both within and beyond the Corporation.  Our know-how helps the CIO design an optimal IT organization ready to embrace and lead key transformational business challenges, finally establishing IT as the key driver of innovative solutions to ultimately meet the Consumer Goods Forum vision: “Better lives through better business”.


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