Who We Are

CIO Eureka! is:

…Trusted advisor to CEOs and Executives on how to find business relevance in IT.

…An Executive Consulting firm specialized in transforming your IT organization into a business value driven function.

…Led by International IT Executives from Fortune 30 Companies.

…Our philosophy focuses on:

  • Being a business leadership firm with expertise in IT
  • Open and transparent communication to explain complex IT challenges in simple business terms.
  • Shared values and an unwavering commitment to quality.

Every company’s mission is to create and protect shareholders’ value, but some clearly do a better job of it than others.  While almost all companies have a vision of what they would like to accomplish, the biggest challenge lies in the execution.

As a senior executive you want your IT organization to deliver business solutions which create, capture, and commercialize value throughout the entire value chain.

  • How relevant is IT for your overall corporate strategy?
  • How would you rate the value delivered by your IT organization?
  • How would you rate your IT spending as percentage of sales versus the industry in which you compete?

You turn to CIO Eureka! when you have critical needs to find “business relevance” in IT because we take genuine ownership of IT problems & deliver robust solutions, providing you with seasoned and hands-on CIO expertise designing and executing the most relevant IT strategy.

Why our name?

Archimedes (287 BC – 212 BC) was a Greek mathematician and inventor. He is generally considered to be the greatest mathematician of antiquity and one of the greatest of all time.  He reportedly proclaimed εὕρηκα (Eureka!) when he realized that the volume of irregular objects could be measured with precision, a previously intractable problem.

CIO Eureka! goes beyond the traditional consulting job and provide our clientes with seasoned and hands-on CIO expertise.  And more importantly, our ‘immediate results’ commitment brings a step change (εὕρηκα) in finding the  business relevance in IT!


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José Ignacio Sordo Galarza


(Founder & Managing Director) is a proven leader delivering consistent above expectation results in assigned P&L objectives, new business development, corporate administration, organizational leadership, effective IT management, shared services and global operations, consensus building and teaming, best practices and benchmarking, and performance optimization.  He is an award-winning Global CIO Executive with proven ability for blending Business and IT strategy together.  He is a proven executive performer in high change, complex, global and matrix-organizations, creating growth, profitability and enhancing logistics and commercial operation for a Fortune Top 5 Worldwide Corporation.  He is exceptionally versatile and adaptable, demonstrating an incredible ability to learn and assimilate effectively into new situations. He managed organizations up to ~2,200 associates and budgets ~$600MM with outstanding business success.

He is the author of “The Uncomfortable CEO – Making Information Technology Overcome Business Uncertainty” book (Chicago, IL: Windy City, May 2013).

He is also featured in the newest book from Northwestern University Professors Olson, Aaron and Simerson, B. K.: “Leading with Strategic Thinking – Driving Strategy through Structure and Process” (Hoboken, NJ: Wiley, Apr 2015).

He is passionate about his effectiveness, and sees a future offering incredible opportunities for business IT innovation and growth. His global expertise in culture and people is matched by his talent as a business manager, helping his consulting firm as well as key clients reach new levels of IT performance and ROI. He has been an asset to clients and corporations worldwide throughout his impressive career.  He is frequently recognized within industry; named to HITEC 100 America’s Most Influential Hispanics in Information Technology in 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011.  He served at HITEC’s Board of Directors and is an active member of i.c.stars* Program Committee and a board member of NRS (National Runaway Safeline).


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